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A. 期刊論文:


1.      Wu, Dachrahn and Nien-Pen Liu, (2007a, May), “Why do Amusement Parks only Charge a Fixed Admission Fee?” Economics Letters, Volume: 95, Issue: 2, pp. 180-185. (SSCI, EconLit)


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B. 學術會議論文:



1.  吳大任、劉念本 (2006),「主題樂園定價模式」,東吳大學經濟系2006網路與產業經濟研討會。





C. 學位論文:



1.  “Three essays on the Economics of Contracts”, 2007.





D. 進行中論文



1.  “A piece of advice on the adoption of an arm’s length relationship”, 2006.



2.  “Will a small firm reject good agents more often than a big firm?” (with Darchrahn Wu), 2006.



3.  “Nonlinear Pricing for an Integrated System Product Monopoly” (with Darchrahn Wu and Mei-Hua Chang), 2006.